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We offer a program of 12 sessions in the evenings (broken into 6 sessions in spring and 6 in the fall, whit a summer break in between).  This is a DVD guided program based on Church teaching on healing after divorce.  It highlights people who have been through divorce, priests and other professionals.  They tell their stories and give advice on anger, forgiveness, "letting go", sacraments, etc.  It is basically a program for "healing". There is then discussion and understanding.  People who attend feel supported and have an outlet for their situation.  It does not include any detailed information on annulments.  We do not need any more leaders for these sessions, however, encouragement for any of our parishioners who have gone through a divorce and need some support is highly recommended.  The cost is $12 for materials.  Details of start times of each of the rotations are in the bulletin prior to the sessions beginning.