Ministries, Organizations and Committees

The weekend hospital ministry is one of a bit less commitment.  We presently have 6 volunteers who rotate on weekends to take holy communion to patients in the hospital.  These patients are limited to those who belong to St. Joseph, St. Charles, and St. Mary.  You can choose to go either on a Saturday after Mass or after Sunday Mass, at the volunteer's preference.  Since we have 6 volunteers, your commitment would be once every 7 or more weeks, depending on how many newe volunteers sign up.  The more volunteers, the fewer times each one is scheduled.  Training consists of accompanying a volunteer on a weekend to observe them.  It would be wonderful to have more volunteers for this ministry, especially since some of our volunteers are involved in more than one ministry and this could mean some easing of that commitment for them.

We also have a weekday Eucharist ministry at the hospital, consisting of 3 people who take communion to the patients there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Due to hospital policies, we have all the people we need in that ministry.