Ministries, Organizations and Committees

Arbor View, Bay At Burlington, and Pinebrook:  This is a communion service ministry with some visitation.  There are several options from which to choose.  teams go out weekly to Arbor Vier, Bay At Burlington, and Pinebrook rotating according to a schedule.  This is approximately a once a month commitment, except for those months in which there may be someone on vacation, ill, or more than 4 weeks in a month.  Since we have only 16 volunteers for these ministries, there may be a request for an additional day of service a month.  We can always use volunteers for the ministries at Pinebrook and Bay At Burlington as some of our volunteers are called upon more than once a month and some are involved in more than one ministry.  We need subs as well.  Training consists of simply accompanying the present team for observation and instruction.  An important thing to remember about the Pinebrook ministry is that many of these volunteers are quite into their senior years, and may not be able to continue their generous service for very long into the future.  We really need volunteers there and at least a couple more for the Bay At Burlington weekly service in order to relieve on team of consistently going twice a month.

Bay At Burlington: another mininster in this area is the purely individual visits with patients at Bay At Burlington.  This involves receiving a list of Catholics who would like visits from the activity director.  Volunteers then go to their rooms for some conversation and prayer.  We currently have 8 people who go on these visits, each about every 7 weeks.  (Some go as couples.)