Posted on April 03, 2019 17:09

Within the past few months, parishes within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (and nation-wide) have fallen victim to various forms of financial fraud.


Some parishioners have notified us that they received scam emails appearing as if they are coming from their pastor, requesting that the email receiver purchase gift cards on his behalf. Although many who have received these emails have found them suspicious enough to inquire before moving forward, some have followed through with these purchases, thinking the gift cards they are purchasing are being sent to their pastor.


The scammers are very creative, and many people and organizations have been swindled by their fraudulent tactics. They have access to email strings, will mention names of people you know, and can mask the phone number or email they are using look legitimate. 


If you receive an email that looks like it is coming from your pastor that is asking for money, gift cards, or requesting any items of purchase, please notify the parish and DO NOT MOVE FORWARD WITH THE PURCHASE. 

Thank you for your attentiveness

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