Help Us Help Others

Posted on April 08, 2020 in: General News

Help Us Help Others

Dear Burlington and Lyons Tri-Parish members,

It appears the Coronavirus pandemic will be affecting our daily life for quite some time. Some of us may find a lot of extra time on our hands while others may need extra assistance during this quarantine. This point in time provides an extraordinary opportunity for us to come together as Burlington area Catholics. The Knights of Columbus has been working with Father Jim and Tri-Parish Committee Chairman Brian Daniel to establish a Tri-Parish Coronavirus Outreach Program.

Members from your parish outreach committee will be calling to check on your wellbeing and to assess your needs. We will be able to provide help in the following ways:

Weekly grocery services – help with ordering online, pickup and delivery

On-call errand service for any immediate needs

Neighborhood volunteers to check in on you

Although our volunteers will be concentrating on calling elderly parishioners over the age of 70, these services are open to any parishioner who is isolated in quarantine. This includes parents with young children at home or medically fragile members who do not want to leave their homes. Please do not hesitate to call if you would like help or know a fellow parishioner who may need some! If you would like to volunteer, please call your parish coronavirus outreach coordinator:

St. Charles – Jackie Scholze 262-763-4611, Mary Labadie 262-206-5569

St Joe – Jerry Kuta 262-492-1570, Sue Kuta 262-492-7570

St. Mary – Colleen Schiltz 262-716-2923 and Pam Aldrich 262-716-6324

Weekly Groceries – Brian Daniel 262-492-6026

On-Call program - Kathy Baumeister, 262-763-3441, Stacy Alan 262-210-2226

We are hoping to start these services the week of April the 5rd and look forward to talking with you soon. Although we are not able to provide for any of your necessities free of charge, we are are looking into ways of providing some food staples free of charge to those in greatest need. That being said, if you find yourself in a position to help your fellow parishioners who have been negatively affected, please consider sending a donation to the Knights of Columbus at St. Mary’s or St. Charles, or the Helping Hands Committee at St. Charles Parish.    


May Christ bring us together as we serve each other through these difficult times.

God bless,

Jeff Paulus

Tri-Parish Disaster Response Committee Chairman

C 262-716-7278

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